Leather Quality and Durability

Handmade Leather has been around since the beginning of time and yet the hype and worth have never decreased. With time, it has become even more popular. Ever wondered why? That’s because it is hands down the most durable material that can be utilized in a thousand ways such as making clothes, furnishing, and more.

However, even in leather, there are various degrees depending on quality and durability. Even though cheaper leather can be durable too, full grain leatheris known to be the best, most durable handmade leatherout there.


person knitting brown leather textile

The Top 4 Kinds of Leather

There are many types of leather and it can be difficult to distinguish between them. This article explains the differences between four different types of leather. It also discusses the factors that make one type of leather better than the other, and why you’ll want your handmade leather goods to be made from the best quality- full grain leather.


Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is the most durable leather as it is made from the all-natural grain of the hide which is extracted from the top most layer.

Embracing imperfections while fully absorbing every and any beauty of the hide, this type of leather only gets more beautiful with age. Full Grain leather is characterized by maximum durability, reliability, and the strength of the hide. And of course, this comes with a price – this is the most expensive leather.

It is most commonly used in leather handbags (including our handmade leather bags), shoes, and car seats.

Full grain leather can live up to decades, in some cases, even for a good 100 years.


Top Grain Leather

Just next to full-grain leather is top grain leather which too, is made from the top layer of the hide. The basic difference is that this kind ignores imperfections. This leather is more of a good-looker as it is stained to hide blemishes.

Moreover, since top grain leather is sanded, it provides an even smoother touch than full grain and likewise, is a lot more flexible.

It is most commonly used in luxury goods.

Top grain leather can live up to decades, however, with time its durability will deteriorate.

Corrected Grain Leather

So, since the top layer is utilized to make top grain and full grain leather, the remaining next layers are used to make corrected grain.

This kind of leather also goes by the name bottom-cut or split-grain.

Corrected grain is made from a layer that is a lot tougher than the upper layers, making it durable. Since the layer used here is not soft, this kind is mostly used in furniture making. Moreover, to hide imperfections, this leather also undergoes sanding and is further painted to give a glossy look.

It is most commonly used in mass-produced leather goods.

Corrected Grain leather can live up to five to ten years.


Bonded Leather

Now once the above three types of leather are made, bonded leather is made from whatever is left afterward. This includes shavings, dust, and leftovers.

All these three are then bonded using latex to create a mold which is then sprayed to look like top grain or full grain leather. So this kind of leather does not contain a lot of original leather in it. It is the lowest kind of leather, quality wise but is also cheaper. However, it still is durable.

It is most commonly used in mass-produced leather goods.

Bonded leather can live up to five to ten years.