The Unique Benefits of Full Grain Leather

Leather bags have been considered a luxurious material by many. However, there are numerous types of leather accessible in the market and proper identification is imperative. Out of all, full grain leather is the best because it offers aesthetics and is super durable. Full grain leather is not sanded, snuffed or buffed. As a result, it gives a natural look. If you are planning to purchase a craftswoman laptop satchel, then check out Leather to Bag. 

Let’s take a deeper look into why full grain leather is the best: 

  • Breathable 

Compared with other common types of leather like corrected or top grain, full grain leather offers maximum breathability. Given that it allows for air to pass through, the moisture level comes down. The leather also has small pores, which keeps the material soft. Hence, handmade leather bag have a soothing texture. Additionally, this premium leather will prevent and resist water from entering the inside of the bag. Hence, the bags made with full grain leather will require less care. 

  • Strength

Full grain leather is one of the toughest leathers which makes it the best choice for craftswoman laptop satchel. The vertical divers offer strength and cushion that ensure durability. Products made with this material can resist cracks, scratches and won’t tear easily. Handbags and shoes made with this leather are less likely to damage. 

  • Distinctive 

Every animal is different, which makes every full grain leather product distinctive. This type of leather is the top layer of an animal’s hide, which ensures that every piece of leather will have a unique skin design, pattern or mark. Moreover, full grain leather is not processed so craftswoman laptop satchel retains its originality and natural looks. Even if a bag is made with a single hide and gets the same manufacturing treatment, it will still be unique. 

  • Hue Changes with Age 

Similar to Scotch whisky maturing process, full grain leather only improves as it ages. It is generally known patina, which is considered desirable and augments the perceived value of the product made with high-quality leather. So how does the hue of full-grain leather change with age? Full-grain leather, as mentioned earlier, is the highest quality of leather because it is the uppermost layer of an animal’s hide. Since the imperfections on the skin such as scars, bites or wrinkles do not alter; it leaves the grain layer intact. As a result, the leather is highly breathable. For this reason, the full grain leather on a craftswoman laptop satchel is prone to absorbing moisture and natural oils. This leads to changes in hues as the leather ages. In addition, aging full grain leather releases oil and makes it glossier. Moreover, it develops a pleasant smell. 

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